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Bernie Steinberg statement

Market place in Kupel, 2007
Library in Kupel, 2005
Kupel in 2005, photo of Laura Kandro




Like many American Jews, my family memories include the persecution of Jews in Eastern Europe. Last summer (2008), 18 family members took a journey of identity. We visited the towns in Ukraine from where our families fled to the US between the world wars. In Kupel, a 93 year old woman described the day in November 1941 when Nazis rounded up and murdered 900 of the 1000 Jews in my mother's birthplace. "Do you want to see the mound where they are buried?" she asked. "It's close by--down the road right by the old mill". The old mill?! I had heard of the mill. It had been recounted and described in family stories: it had been built and run by my great-grandfather. 

              The accumulated sense of our journey was. "What if the family had remained in Europe? Thank God we escaped! "