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The Weiser, Bychok, Beychok, Bloom and Margulis family



     Семья Вейзер. Weizer Family





Bychok’s family photo 


I am sending you a Kupel photo to post of the Bychok family, taken in the year 1910. The parents are

Chana & Jacob Benjamin Bychok and the children from left to right are Moishe,

Manya, Mechel, and Abraham (my grandfather).  When the family came to the US the

surname was changed to Beychok.  Thank you so much once again and keep up the

good work on the site, I admire your patience.


Pam Markowitz


Great granddaughter of Jacob Benjamin Bychok


 Dora Weiser Margulis


Pessie Weiser Cwengel