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Statement of Laura Kandro

Polish mausoleum in Kupel, 2005. Laura Kandro's photo.

   Laura Kandro, Yanina Malinovska, Kupel 2005


My grandmother, Antonina Czapski Golinsky, gave me the attached picture in 198x because I was asking her questions about where she was born. She was in her 80s and her English was all but gone.  I did not speak Polish so I am guessing -- Could this be Kupel?  She came to America in 1912.


Yanina Malinovska did not recognize the picture. She said that much of the village has been destroyed or changed since 1912. It looks like a mill to her and might have been in Kupel. At one time there was a river flowing past the village but has since changed direction. Yanina said: “They (Jews) all (buried) there, by the old mill”. 


I have found (on internet) this statement  (see below) regarding a mill in Kupel -- so maybe....


Dr. Steinberg, Remembering What We Value, from the Washington Post 13 June 2009 

"....In Kupel, a 93 year old woman described the day in November 1941 when Nazis rounded up and murdered 900 of the 1000 Jews in my mother's birthplace. "Do you want to see the mound where they are buried?" she asked. "It's close by--down the road right by the old mill". The old mill?! I had heard of the mill. It had been recounted and described in family stories: it had been built and run by my great-grandfather. ….."