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 Shpizel,  Boris


Boris Shpizel (1920 – 1977) – one spared (by serving in the Soviet Army in the War time) member of the big family, all murdered in Kupel (including his father Motl Shpizel), came into Kupel in 1945 to find smoked ruins of his family house. One Ukrainian woman told him that another woman named Marynya, got his family cow when his relatives were murdered. It was a very good milky cow.

So Boris went to that Marynya and found his cow. The cow recognized him right away and started to scream and tried to get out of her stall. Boris talked to the cow and pet her and she calmed down. Marynya broke into tears at that point and then paid Boris 8000 rubles for this cow.







Борис Шпизель, (1920 – 1977)

Фото 1946 года.  Во время войны служил в армии, лейтенант, артиллерист. 900 дней был на Пулковских высотах под Ленинградом. Вся его семья погибла в Купеле. После войны работал бухгалтером.